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June 16th, 2016

Fashionistas love kids designers clothes…

Every parent wants their baby girls to wear comfy and cute-looking clothes. Our website offers a whole diversity of shapes and colors embodied in fabulous outfits for little baby girls created by world-class designers who have long gained respect and appreciation among younger and older customers around the world. An excellent addition to your baby’s wardrobe will be a light-pink bodysuit that can be matched with a hat of the same color. It will be an ideal option for the nighttime, during which your baby girl should feel as comfortable and cozy as possible to experience no discomfort. Dolce & Gabbana offers a perfect outfit for warm weather. It represents a colorfully designed sleeveless dress that will be a perfect addition to any girl’s wardrobe. Another option is a pink dress with a brightly colored bottom and a rounded collar by Fendi. Such an outfit will be ideal for warm spring weather as it makes babies feel warm and comfortable and at the same time look extremely beautiful. The dress is made of the finest materials that are soft and delicate to the touch and at the same time practical and easy to clean. Another option is a colorful dress by Laura Biagiotti Dolls that is decorated with a flowery pattern and can be matched with a hat of the same color and design. Such a wonderful combination of colors will brighten up the looks of your baby girl and make her feel comfortable the whole day long. You can also choose stylish animal-patterned footwear by Bloch. The footwear is characterized by a perfect combination of beautiful design and unusual style. It will add a new tinge to the style of your baby girl and can be worn at home on a daily basis. Don’t hesitate to look for other options for various seasons. Make the dreams of your baby girl come to life!

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November 24th, 2010

everybody loves a questionnaire…

As readers of my blog I’m guessing you must spend a considerable amount of time on the Internet, or at least enjoy spending time online. Luckily for you (..!) this makes you ideal candidates to answer my questionnaire for my final year fashion marketing module, titled ‘online retail: competing with the high street’. It really will make my day if you could take 5 minutes to fill it in for me… Thanks in advance!

Questionnaire Link


If anybody is 5′3 and under it would be a great help to my fellow marketing friend if you could fill in her questionnaire on the petite market, thanks!

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November 21st, 2010

another day another sketchbook

P1010743 another day another sketchbookP1010744 another day another sketchbookP1010746 another day another sketchbookP1010751 another day another sketchbook

Here is a little insight into what has completely taken over my life for the past 2 months … fashion design is fun but so hard, enter any fashion degree course at your own risk! I’ve just started my final collection; the accumulation of all the skills I have learnt over the past 4 years rolled into one amazing collection that defines myself as a designer – no pressure here then. It really took a while for me to decide on which direction to take my research and sketchbook and after many ideas I have settled on my collection being loosely based on the 1999 film ‘The Virgin Suicides’. I do hope it provides me with enough inspiration for an entire collection, though so far I’m finding it really interested and exciting!

The hardest part so far has definitely been sourcing fabrics and components, and thankfully I found Spoonflower who are able to produce the digitial prints I really want to be included within the collection. So far they have been a great company to work with; very student friendly and helpful! I just need to start designing the prints for the garments and get swatching initial ideas – stay tuned for the results!

P.S If any other fabric companies out there are interested in sponsering a little yet fiercly ambitious student like myself please do get in touch :)

P1010750 picnik another day another sketchbook

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November 13th, 2010

Ralph Lauren 4D experience!

Just a quick post as I just had to share this amazing video with you all… it’s an amazing fusion of art, fashion and technology from Ralph Lauren – something I’m particularly interested in. If you’re wondering where I’ve been for the past couple of weeks it’s been stuck in the design studio working on countless projects!

I’ve started my final collection this week which is very exciting and will hopefully have a smidgen of free time to balance the blog and uni work a little better.

Hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend :)

The Official Ralph Lauren 4D Experience – London from Ralph Lauren on Vimeo.

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October 14th, 2010

suffering for fashion?

Today I spent the day at the studio where we were given an illustration of a top and asked to pattern cut it. This was really difficult and everybody seemed to struggle. Pattern cutting really is bloody hard! Lots to think about… silhouette, volume, fit, length, darts, crikey I hate darts.

The afternoon was spent with the head of the fashion department who gave a lecture on ’suffering for fashion’, which explored the lengths women go to so that their bodies are changed to fit prominent styles of the time. (Corsetry, and that kind of thing.) I’ve always been shocked, horrified and disturbed at changing one’s shape to conform to an ideal. Earlier last month, MJ of Dreaming Spires wrote a brilliant post with concerns about trends in womanly curves or evidently the sheer lack of them, and since then I have questioned my own design ethos in terms of manipulating the aesthetics of the body.

Fashion will forever be controversial , and perhaps that is one of the greatest assets it has, but I think it is important for designers and others involved in this industry (yes media, I’m looking at you) to take responsibility for the emotional effects that can stem from body ideals.

Take the AW10 Comme des Garçons collection which featured fun elaborations on the female form. The designing is spectacular and the body shapes created are so out of reach that we as consumers can just enjoy the designs whilst still embracing our natural shape.

Yes, the body is the base for fashion creations but shouldn’t it just build upon what is naturally there under the garments, rather than trying to mutilate the figure?

commes des garcos suffering for fashion?

Comme des Garçons AW10

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October 4th, 2010

the ultimate in DIY creations

P10105792 the ultimate in DIY creations

P1010613 copy the ultimate in DIY creations

This week I started a new project, Deconstruct Reconstruct. This involves taking one, two or three second hand items and transforming them into one garment. Here is a little sneak at the before shot of the dress and what I have come up with so far. Working this way is so much more fun and creative compared with flat pattern cutting! I have a few more weeks on this project, with my next steps perfecting the design and ensuring it is finished to a high standard.

I have also just started a menswear project that will run alongside this one (and marketing work – busy busy!) and will be posting as I go through the project.

Final year is proving to be pretty difficult, there is always a pressure to be creating something amazing and the briefs seem a little confusing. Hopefully this is just a case of getting back into uni work mode after a year in placement!

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September 28th, 2010

the diary of a fashion student: part 6

anthro the diary of a fashion student: part 6

Phew. What a week. Going from a work placement year to final year is pretty much like jumping into the deep end of the pool when you can barely swim. It’s been late nights galore here in my student flat (I share with three other fashion design students, an interior designer and advertising guy – very creative!) and many early mornings. I’ve been busy finishing off the Anthropologie design project which didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped it to have done, I really must learn to illustrate better! Above is one of the final boards from the project where we have to describe in words and images the ideal customer for the brand. This is one of my fave parts of most projects, I think I really should go into brand management or something like that!

This week involved the first crit of final year where we have to show and talk about our work infront of the class, scary stuff. Does anyone else find it hard to put into words how they have designed a collection? Today we got a new project which is involves taking three charity shop garments and constructing one super garment from them all! Should be fun if it runs smoothly! I’m also spending today researching for another project; a menswear collection for Pierre Cardin. Hopefully my year on the menswear design team will come in handy! It’s good having a fresh start after the stress of the last project; we barely knew what day it was before the hand in!

Hope you all have a lovely week, hopefully post again soon if the work doesn’t kill me off! x

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