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Friday, April 30th, 2010

For those of you who receive my email newsletter, you will know I have been thinking about starting up a small bag business… After my afternoon at the MFN vintage threads workshop where I made a textile bag, I started to think about how I could perhaps make a little extra money selling them. After approaching numerous local independant shops I have finally had a positive response and am in the process of making a few prototypes for them this week. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan! I have 5 days off from my design work placement so will be frantically sewing and crafting to get everything finished to send off to the shop! I am really looking forward to branding the products with labels and swing tickets … as a consumer I love these little details. At the moment I am going to use the style on the run name and label the products with SOTR accessories.

Here are a few photographs of the early stages of a make up bag…






what to buy on etsy?

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Discovering the world of Etsy earlier last year really was the beginning of my love affair with crafts and textiles. It is a wonderful outlet for independent artists and suppliers. Be sure to check out the etsy blog, it is filled with great articles and advice for anybody wanting to set up their own brand. I love reading their ‘quit your day job’ interviews! I am hoping to become an etsy seller later this year if I can find the time between my work placement and university work! I love browsing through the many items in search of inspiration and decided to show you my favorite finds this week…

etsyfinds1 what to buy on etsy?Aprile Elcich – collage artwork – $35.00

Hens Teeth – mixed medio artwork – $42.00

Pegs Kitchen Studio – wooden heart – $12.00

Les Pompons – downloadable artwork – $3.00

Behjat – embroidery – $10.00

say hello to: carlos quitério

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

introduction banner 300x60 say hello to: carlos quitério

Today’s say hello to is Carlos Quitério, a 30 year old artist living in the west coast of Portugal in Caldas da Rainha, a small and quaint city founded around 1500, about 50 miles north of Lisbon.

kodap12 221x300 say hello to: carlos quitério

Carlos has been working as a freelancer illustrator and fine-artist since 1999, also doing sporadic design work (websites, posters, print stuff), firstly with the need to finance his fine-art degree, and now to “pay the bills”. Carlos has been  working since then with editorials, brands, privates and institutions, inclunding the NYTimes, Flaunt Magazine, Museum of Contemporary Arts LA, CCCB Barcelona, Nike, Camel, Levi’s, RedBull, etc… and currently mostly for some major editorials and newspapers in Portugal.
I was thrilled when Carlos agreed to kindly answer the usual style on the run interview questions; I find his work so cool. It has such an effortless feel and looks very contemporary, regardless of the vintage imagery.

interview banner1 300x60 say hello to: carlos quitério

Please describe your work in 5 words.
over-populated with lines and shapes (ok, 6 words… sorry).

kodap1 say hello to: carlos quitério

What are your favourite materials to use?
Any tool suited and made to write and paint, digital or analogic, plus scissors, tape and physical ephemera to re-assemble (mostly old magazines bought in flea-markets).
I try to make the most of any I have available. Right now, I’m loving my “Copic” markers.

kodap11 say hello to: carlos quitério

What advice do you have for somebody staring at a blank page?
Never fear to harm a blank page or canvas, experimentation and drafts are part of the process, go ahead and attack that blank!

kodap9 say hello to: carlos quitério

Best resource you use?
Internet to publish, promote and communicate with the world…

kodap5 say hello to: carlos quitério

Biggest achievement so far?
To Raise my 5 year old son.

kodap3 say hello to: carlos quitério

What do you hope the future holds for you in terms of your art?
Well, I don’t have a clue, I just keep working the best I can one day at a time, exciting and rewarding things will eventually come up.

kodap2 say hello to: carlos quitério

What inspires you creatively?

I love to be involved with challenging projects mostly with close creative friends, I have also a great passion for vintage stuff, but overall, anything audio-visual captures my senses.

Where can somebody find out more about your work?
Here: kodap.com, smalldrawings.com and here: behance.net/kodap also my flickr – sorry about this amount of links..

Would you like to take this opportunity to plug anything?!
Looking for  exhititions abroad and projects so I travel more and meet cool people… anyone reading this and in need of someone like me for projects? (hehehe)

Thank YOU!

Making it: Fashion Design

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

making it fashion design Making it: Fashion Design

I’ve just got back from the latest in a series of talks about breaking into the fashion industry. Hosted by the Manchester Fashion Network, these events aim to give students both real and honest views and advice from industry professionals. Held in the General Store on Deansgate Manchester, the atmosphere is relaxed and informal with complementary beer adding to the chilled out vibe!

P1000486 300x225 Making it: Fashion Design

waiting for the panel

Tonight’s speakers were Upender Mehra of Liberty Freedom, Steven Cheema of 48Hrs and Leesa Bertram of Pretty Disturbia, which are all businesses operating within the North West. Their different experiences and current fashion job positions provided diverse answers to host Dale Hick’s questions.

panel Making it: Fashion Design

The Panel

Discussions ranged from ‘is it every designer’s goal to create their own brand’ to ‘what is the best skill somebody can leave university with in order to have the best start with their career’? It was interesting to hear the panelists talking about designing within a clothing supply company, as I am currently on a work placement with a supplier to the high street and supermarkets. It was said that the main focus within that type of environment is money and profit, as opposed to starting your own brand as a creative person the objective becomes more about producing products that reflect your passion and ethos. Definately food for thought about my own future and thinking about the type of company I will want to be apart of.

P1000488 225x300 Making it: Fashion Design

general store - inspiring store interior

Other topics of the night included the issue of ‘manufacturing in the UK vs. abroad’ and ‘the need to gain as much information as possible from working at design companies before starting out on your own’. It was refreshing to hear Upender saying how he feels that fashion students should be paid for the work they do during work placements, something I feel very strongly about! I agreed very much on his comment about how a designer’s passion is often exploited within the industry in regards to their salary. In fact, I agreed on pretty much everything he said tonight and I imagine his company is a fantastic place for any designer to work; ethical, a strong Bristish heritage, fair and somewhere creativity is embraced and not rushed!

P1000490 300x225 Making it: Fashion Design

general store - I love the vintage wall display

The panel’s gave their tips on developing a brand, which included:

  • Know your customer
  • Have a unique concept
  • Save up enough money to be able to finacially support yourself during the start up of your new venture
  • Be prepared for very little sleep!

The night was another great opportunity for students like me just itching to know more about the industry. The series continues in September, click here for more information.

sunny afternoon in Manchester…

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

We’ve had some fantastic weather in Manchester this weekend – here are a few photos from Saturday afternoon. I hope you’ve had a great time wherever you are this weekend!

summer1 300x225 sunny afternoon in Manchester...

Piccadilly Gardens Manchester

summer2 300x225 sunny afternoon in Manchester...

summer3 300x225 sunny afternoon in Manchester...

a little piece of Manchester art

a little piece of Manchester art

summer4 300x225 sunny afternoon in Manchester...

soaking up the sun , squinting for the camera :)

summer5 300x225 sunny afternoon in Manchester...

Manchester food markets - smelled gorgeous!

summer7 300x225 sunny afternoon in Manchester...

Manchester fashion markets selling a variety of garments and accessories made from recycled fabrics and vintage bits

summer6 225x300 sunny afternoon in Manchester...

Market Street

P10004841 300x225 sunny afternoon in Manchester...

on the way home

textile pieces

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Here are a few bits and pieces I did this week with some scrap fabric … I am trying to decide on a technique to use on some cushions I am hoping to make for my university bedroom in September!

textile piece textile pieces

This effect is really easy to create, firstly layer fabric together (I have used three layers) and attach them together by sewing vertical rows about 2cm apart across the area. Then it’s time to get creative by cutting inbetween the rows of stitching either one layer or two layers deep, fold the fabric flaps back on themselves and stitch down the other way. I like to fray some of the edges and keep the threads loose so give a raw look.

textile piece 3 textile pieces

Another little piece I did was rouching random fabrics onto a piece of calico.

textile piece 1 textile pieces

I teared the strips of fabric to about 3cm x 10cm in size. Using the longest stitch available, I sewed a line of straight stitch down the centre of the fabric. Pulling on either side of the one thread creates the rouching effect. I then randomly placed each strip onto a piece of calico and stitched either end to keep it positioned on the fabric. The result is a very tactile piece which I really like!

textile piece 2 textile pieces

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