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blog crush #2

Monday, August 30th, 2010

blog crush banner1 blog crush #2

Crazy Pig’s Ideas is a recent addition to my Google Reader, and I’m already a loyal follower. I love Gabriela’s youthful outfits, inspiring DIYs and playful artwork she blogs about!

crazypigidea4 blog crush #2

1. Name, age, location…
Gabriela, 16 years, Prague, Czech Republic.

2. What inspired you to start your delightful blog ‘Crazy Pig’s Ideas’?
The moment I saw a fashion blog, I admired all these outfits and articles, and I knew that it was something I would like to try, too. My friends had always been telling me that I was very creative, so I told myself I’ll try to share it with more people. And as I’m not really calm person and I used to like pigs, I called it ‘crazy pig’s ideas’ :-) !

3. What can somebody new to your blog expect to see?
They cab expect to see my outfits, based on my poor student’s budget, so it means a lot of thrift finds and DIYs. Then my drawings and photos that inspire me!

crazypigidea3 blog crush #2

crazypigidea1 blog crush #2

blog crush #1

Monday, August 9th, 2010

blog crush banner blog crush #1

A new week brings a new feature to Style On The Run! My most favourite part of blogging is the great community of writers and editors who are all so supportive and inspiring. Finding a great new blog can really brighten up my day which is why I have decided to start ‘blog crush’ to share any fabulous finds with you.

Fashion Looks North is a great collection of street style which is made even more great by how all the photos are taken up North! Many of my favourite street style blogs are London based so it’s refreshing to see a Northern blogger showing the world how stylish this end of the country can be!

fashion looks north blog crush #1

Name, age, location?
Lauren, 20 going on 21, Everywhere (literally, I spend my life on trains).

What inspired you to start up your great blog ‘Fashion Looks North’?
I’ve always loved finding inspiring stuff and was, (and still am), an avid reader of street style blogs. However, they all seemed to be a bit biased to the South so I though I’d give the North a chance to show off its talents!

What should somebody new to your blog expect to see?

They should expect to see a variety of men and women with different styles rocking their own look in their own way! Some of them might not be to everyone’s taste but hopefully something will catch your eye that you like!

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