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stay cool and chill out

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

staycoolcushion1 stay cool and chill out

With just 5 days left until I move back to Huddersfield to complete my fashion degree, I am starting to think about how to personalise my bedroom in the student halls. I love this part of September, filling my room with thrifted nik naks and photographs of friends from home.

This weekend my sister moved to Blackpool for her first year studying Photography. She picked up this quirky cushion for her new room from than none other than her local Primark store, for a bargainous £3.00! I think I’ll be heading there myself this week to bag this cushion for myself too; I’m sure the ‘STAY COOL AND CHILL OUT’ mantra will help get me through the stressful year ahead!

how to: inject a little fun into your wardrobe

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

hanger2 how to: inject a little fun into your wardrobe

I love to see gorgeous wooden hangers in a wardrobe. They seem to make my clothes looks lovelier and make hanging clean clothes away less of a chore. I wanted to make my wardrobe more personal by putting some designs onto my wooden hangers, and here is my first attempt. I’ve always been partial to a polka dot or two! Why not inject a little fun into your wardrobe? I think I’ll be adding a different design to each hanger tonight to match the outfit that hangs from it!

bunting crazy

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Today I had a go at making my own bunting as part of the SOTR accessories range. I used a mix of various scrap fabrics, vintage buttons and cotton bias binding, and a few hours later, ta-da! my first bunting!

Copy of P1000626 copy bunting crazy

P1000605 300x225 bunting crazy

pinning the template to various fabrics

P1000606 300x225 bunting crazy

all pressed and ready to sew

P1000607 300x225 bunting crazy

stitching the pieces in place

P1000608 300x225 bunting crazy

P1000609 300x225 bunting crazy

a peak inside my sewing box

P1000611 300x225 bunting crazy

a vintage button helps to hold the loop for hanging

P1000613 300x225 bunting crazy

topstitching and fraying

vintage heaven

Monday, March 15th, 2010

a wonderful home filled with antiques, retro goodies and vintage finds … enjoy!

ninshouse1p 768x1024 vintage heaven


ninshouse3p 768x1024 vintage heaven


ninshouse8p 768x1024 vintage heaven


ninshouse6p 768x1024 vintage heaven


ninshouse5p 768x1024 vintage heaven


ninshouse7p 1024x768 vintage heaven

ninshouse4p 768x1024 vintage heaven


ninshouse2p 768x1024 vintage heaven


ninp 768x1024 vintage heaven

the interior designer!

All photographs take and edited by Grace Sherriff

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