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another day another sketchbook

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

P1010743 another day another sketchbookP1010744 another day another sketchbookP1010746 another day another sketchbookP1010751 another day another sketchbook

Here is a little insight into what has completely taken over my life for the past 2 months … fashion design is fun but so hard, enter any fashion degree course at your own risk! I’ve just started my final collection; the accumulation of all the skills I have learnt over the past 4 years rolled into one amazing collection that defines myself as a designer – no pressure here then. It really took a while for me to decide on which direction to take my research and sketchbook and after many ideas I have settled on my collection being loosely based on the 1999 film ‘The Virgin Suicides’. I do hope it provides me with enough inspiration for an entire collection, though so far I’m finding it really interested and exciting!

The hardest part so far has definitely been sourcing fabrics and components, and thankfully I found Spoonflower who are able to produce the digitial prints I really want to be included within the collection. So far they have been a great company to work with; very student friendly and helpful! I just need to start designing the prints for the garments and get swatching initial ideas – stay tuned for the results!

P.S If any other fabric companies out there are interested in sponsering a little yet fiercly ambitious student like myself please do get in touch :)

P1010750 picnik another day another sketchbook

the diary of a fashion student: part 2

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Continuing with the knit trend that seems to be happening on my blog of late, I wanted to share with you a few photos of my own knitting progress! What I really love about knit is the endless possibilites you have to create your own fabric. Yesterday, I experimented with adding in embroidery thread with the yarn when knitting which gives the end result interest especially if you use a contasting colour. I also did a swatch using a fluffy textured yarn which I bought from Abakhans for about £1.50 a ball which when knitted looks like the shearling that is all over AW10 garments plus it’s animal friendly, always a bonus for me! I used two different needle sizes to get the uneven finish. Next on my list of things to do for my summer project is to develop print and embroidery ideas for the collection for Anthropologie.

Have any of you taken up a new hobby recently or are working on a project? I’d love to hear all about it…!

GRACE SHERRIFF.JPG 6 the diary of a fashion student: part 2

GRACE SHERRIFF.JPG 1 the diary of a fashion student: part 2

GRACE SHERRIFF.JPG 2 the diary of a fashion student: part 2

GRACE SHERRIFF.JPG 4 the diary of a fashion student: part 2

GRACE SHERRIFF.JPG 5 the diary of a fashion student: part 2

GRACE SHERRIFF.JPG the diary of a fashion student: part 2

GRACE SHERRIFF.JPG 3 the diary of a fashion student: part 2

GRACE SHERRIFF.JPG 7 the diary of a fashion student: part 2

sketchbook progress

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Copy of P10103181 sketchbook progress

One lazy lazy night for me. I had planned on getting a couple more pages in my sketchbook for Anthropologie completed but somehow only managed my colour palette page, oops! Luckily, I have a 3 day weekend so will hopefully be more productive with this project over the next few days.

I also have a couple of ’say hello to’ features ready to write up and get posted so make sure you come back soon to read all about the job roles of three completely different creative people and their inspirations!

the diary of a fashion student: part 1

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Come September I’ll be back to University to complete the final year of my fashion design degree. I’ve been on a years placement for the past 12 months and have been feeling more than a little aprehensive about returning to Uni as the work load that final year students face has always seemed so daunting! I’ve decided that to help survive the year I will keep a diary of how the year is going, from the highs to the no doubt very lows…

I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I have an abundance of Summer projects to complete before I return to Huddersfield, so I guess the diary should begin with these. I’ve almost completed my sketchbook for the design project on Anthropologie. Well, my images are all stuck down. Which is a start. I just need to make a start on the million and one textile samples I have planned for this project. After a year away from hard core sketchbooking, I have probably too many ideas for samples! Maybe I should hold back and use them throughout the year as I will no doubt run out of thoughts by October. I’m hooked on knitting and crochet at the moment, so am glad that the season I’m designing for is AW11/12!

P1010307 the diary of a fashion student: part 1

P1010309 the diary of a fashion student: part 1

Are any of you returning to University this September after a year away from studying?

lace and the forties

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Copy of OUTFIT 2 lace and the forties

Shoes – New Look

Trousers – Topshop

Body – TU at Sainsburys

Lace Top – Primark

Gold Heart Necklace – a gift

My first outfit post! I’ve been writing this blog for a few months  and up until now I haven’t had the confidence to do outfit posts. Im not particularly photogenic, infact I don’t even like having my photograph taken! I do however love putting my outfits together and decided to just go for it. What’s the worst that can happen…

This is what I wore yesterday for a day at the office. The trousers were a splurge on my Wednesday lunch hour (ooops) but I justified them by the fact that the turn ups can be turned down for winter and worn with my new black lace up boots… anyways, if you fancy a pair for yourself, they can be found here. My boyfriend’s reaction was that they make me look like I’m from the forties, which is funny because he was trying to tease me when infact I would quite actually have liked to live in that era!

This afternoon I nipped across to Manchester’s Abakhan store (I will seriously miss living 5 minutes away from this place when I move away from Manchester in August…) to pick up some bits for the current design project I’m working on. It’s a summer project set by my University to design an AW11/12 collection for Anthropolgie.

I was lucky enough to be able to sit in on a colour meeting this week on my placement so was able to see the colour predictions for the AW11/12 season! I’m planning on going cross stitch mad with this project, along with overdosing on fairisle and cable knitting. Here are the threads I picked up in shades of berry, dusky pink, creams and ochre.

Copy of P10103171 lace and the forties

Tonight I am off to watch the new film Inception, very excited as it looks great!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever you’re up to x

say hello to: carlos quitério

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

introduction banner 300x60 say hello to: carlos quitério

Today’s say hello to is Carlos Quitério, a 30 year old artist living in the west coast of Portugal in Caldas da Rainha, a small and quaint city founded around 1500, about 50 miles north of Lisbon.

kodap12 221x300 say hello to: carlos quitério

Carlos has been working as a freelancer illustrator and fine-artist since 1999, also doing sporadic design work (websites, posters, print stuff), firstly with the need to finance his fine-art degree, and now to “pay the bills”. Carlos has been  working since then with editorials, brands, privates and institutions, inclunding the NYTimes, Flaunt Magazine, Museum of Contemporary Arts LA, CCCB Barcelona, Nike, Camel, Levi’s, RedBull, etc… and currently mostly for some major editorials and newspapers in Portugal.
I was thrilled when Carlos agreed to kindly answer the usual style on the run interview questions; I find his work so cool. It has such an effortless feel and looks very contemporary, regardless of the vintage imagery.

interview banner1 300x60 say hello to: carlos quitério

Please describe your work in 5 words.
over-populated with lines and shapes (ok, 6 words… sorry).

kodap1 say hello to: carlos quitério

What are your favourite materials to use?
Any tool suited and made to write and paint, digital or analogic, plus scissors, tape and physical ephemera to re-assemble (mostly old magazines bought in flea-markets).
I try to make the most of any I have available. Right now, I’m loving my “Copic” markers.

kodap11 say hello to: carlos quitério

What advice do you have for somebody staring at a blank page?
Never fear to harm a blank page or canvas, experimentation and drafts are part of the process, go ahead and attack that blank!

kodap9 say hello to: carlos quitério

Best resource you use?
Internet to publish, promote and communicate with the world…

kodap5 say hello to: carlos quitério

Biggest achievement so far?
To Raise my 5 year old son.

kodap3 say hello to: carlos quitério

What do you hope the future holds for you in terms of your art?
Well, I don’t have a clue, I just keep working the best I can one day at a time, exciting and rewarding things will eventually come up.

kodap2 say hello to: carlos quitério

What inspires you creatively?

I love to be involved with challenging projects mostly with close creative friends, I have also a great passion for vintage stuff, but overall, anything audio-visual captures my senses.

Where can somebody find out more about your work?
Here: kodap.com, smalldrawings.com and here: behance.net/kodap also my flickr – sorry about this amount of links..

Would you like to take this opportunity to plug anything?!
Looking for  exhititions abroad and projects so I travel more and meet cool people… anyone reading this and in need of someone like me for projects? (hehehe)

Thank YOU!
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