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blog crush #1

Monday, August 9th, 2010

blog crush banner blog crush #1

A new week brings a new feature to Style On The Run! My most favourite part of blogging is the great community of writers and editors who are all so supportive and inspiring. Finding a great new blog can really brighten up my day which is why I have decided to start ‘blog crush’ to share any fabulous finds with you.

Fashion Looks North is a great collection of street style which is made even more great by how all the photos are taken up North! Many of my favourite street style blogs are London based so it’s refreshing to see a Northern blogger showing the world how stylish this end of the country can be!

fashion looks north blog crush #1

Name, age, location?
Lauren, 20 going on 21, Everywhere (literally, I spend my life on trains).

What inspired you to start up your great blog ‘Fashion Looks North’?
I’ve always loved finding inspiring stuff and was, (and still am), an avid reader of street style blogs. However, they all seemed to be a bit biased to the South so I though I’d give the North a chance to show off its talents!

What should somebody new to your blog expect to see?

They should expect to see a variety of men and women with different styles rocking their own look in their own way! Some of them might not be to everyone’s taste but hopefully something will catch your eye that you like!

sale shopping tips

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

sale sale shopping tips

The summer sales seem to be well and truly underway, and even though we’re not even into the second half of July, the retailers are already making room for their AW10 collections. There are still about 8 weeks of British summer sun left to be soaked up (sorry, I know that could be questionable…) so there is plenty of time to wear any summer bargains before its time to pack them away and get the layers out.

I really love finding a bargain , especially when it comes to clothes. However, I really really hate it when I see something in the sale which I bought at full price, but I guess that’s fashion karma or something! I decided that I would like to write about my advice on sale shopping for today’s post. I’m sure you are all great at spotting a bargain or two, so please add your own suggestions to the comments section!


I would always recommend looking at sizes one above and one below your usual clothes size. Often, items that are perfectly designed and on trend will appear on sale rails because they have been badly sized. I find this happens a lot with underwear; it is sometimes a good idea to simply try on items that look like they will fit, regardless of what the label says.

Also, look at jersey items and shirts that are waaaay bigger than your usual size … these can look great worn with something skinny fitting on the bottom to balance out the volume.


All too often high street retailers imitate catwalk trends before they are even in the designer stores due to the speed at which they can replicate from the runways. This can sometimes be to the stores disadvantage as trends can be too forward-thinking for the customer to understand and feel ready to embrace. Poor sales result in these ending up in the sale. Before you hit the sales, study the next seasons catwalks to see what trends you may want to be wearing in a few months time. I have seen lots of crochet items in this summer’s sales which I predict will be huge come Autumn – stock up now!

mens section

Don’t forget to visit this part of the sales, yes really! Look for over sized hoodies and jersey tops. Think creatively; how could you customise with a few bits of elastic or adding a drawstring so that it has a more feminine fit? Shini from Park and Cube has a great twist on how to wear a mans shirt here.


The best day of a sale is always the first. Sign up to your favourite stores e-newsletters to find out when their sales start ahead of the crowds. Also, avoid shopping at lunch time if you don’t want to have to rummage for bargains on the floor as well!

Oh, I also just had to show you these beauties I bought yesterday morning from schuh. I know I won’t be able to wear them until the cold weather comes which is making me start to wish the summer away, but I can never find a pair of winter boots when I actually need them, so just couldn’t resist these!

boot sale shopping tips

henry stud lace ankle boot from schuh - WAS £79.99 now £40.00

what should a fashion intern wear for a day at the office?

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Just before I started my work placement at Jo-Y-Jo last summer, one of my biggest fears was what on earth would I wear everyday!? University outfits are easy; pretty much anything goes and usually the comfier the better when you’re spending about 16 hours a day between the studio, library and your living room floor covered in glue and sequins. If only I had stumbled across this blog a year ago, my life would have been so much easier each morning at 6.30am before my commute… The what Elle wears to work blog is full of great work outfit ideas for any fashion intern and includes details of where you can buy the items yourself – even better is that most pieces are usually from the high street so very purse friendly!

elleblog what should a fashion intern wear for a day at the office?

elleblog2 what should a fashion intern wear for a day at the office?

All photos taken from the Elle blog.

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