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another day another sketchbook

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

P1010743 another day another sketchbookP1010744 another day another sketchbookP1010746 another day another sketchbookP1010751 another day another sketchbook

Here is a little insight into what has completely taken over my life for the past 2 months … fashion design is fun but so hard, enter any fashion degree course at your own risk! I’ve just started my final collection; the accumulation of all the skills I have learnt over the past 4 years rolled into one amazing collection that defines myself as a designer – no pressure here then. It really took a while for me to decide on which direction to take my research and sketchbook and after many ideas I have settled on my collection being loosely based on the 1999 film ‘The Virgin Suicides’. I do hope it provides me with enough inspiration for an entire collection, though so far I’m finding it really interested and exciting!

The hardest part so far has definitely been sourcing fabrics and components, and thankfully I found Spoonflower who are able to produce the digitial prints I really want to be included within the collection. So far they have been a great company to work with; very student friendly and helpful! I just need to start designing the prints for the garments and get swatching initial ideas – stay tuned for the results!

P.S If any other fabric companies out there are interested in sponsering a little yet fiercly ambitious student like myself please do get in touch :)

P1010750 picnik another day another sketchbook

the ultimate in DIY creations

Monday, October 4th, 2010

P10105792 the ultimate in DIY creations

P1010613 copy the ultimate in DIY creations

This week I started a new project, Deconstruct Reconstruct. This involves taking one, two or three second hand items and transforming them into one garment. Here is a little sneak at the before shot of the dress and what I have come up with so far. Working this way is so much more fun and creative compared with flat pattern cutting! I have a few more weeks on this project, with my next steps perfecting the design and ensuring it is finished to a high standard.

I have also just started a menswear project that will run alongside this one (and marketing work – busy busy!) and will be posting as I go through the project.

Final year is proving to be pretty difficult, there is always a pressure to be creating something amazing and the briefs seem a little confusing. Hopefully this is just a case of getting back into uni work mode after a year in placement!

the diary of a fashion student: part 6

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

anthro the diary of a fashion student: part 6

Phew. What a week. Going from a work placement year to final year is pretty much like jumping into the deep end of the pool when you can barely swim. It’s been late nights galore here in my student flat (I share with three other fashion design students, an interior designer and advertising guy – very creative!) and many early mornings. I’ve been busy finishing off the Anthropologie design project which didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped it to have done, I really must learn to illustrate better! Above is one of the final boards from the project where we have to describe in words and images the ideal customer for the brand. This is one of my fave parts of most projects, I think I really should go into brand management or something like that!

This week involved the first crit of final year where we have to show and talk about our work infront of the class, scary stuff. Does anyone else find it hard to put into words how they have designed a collection? Today we got a new project which is involves taking three charity shop garments and constructing one super garment from them all! Should be fun if it runs smoothly! I’m also spending today researching for another project; a menswear collection for Pierre Cardin. Hopefully my year on the menswear design team will come in handy! It’s good having a fresh start after the stress of the last project; we barely knew what day it was before the hand in!

Hope you all have a lovely week, hopefully post again soon if the work doesn’t kill me off! x

the diary of a fashion student: part 5

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

1 the diary of a fashion student: part 51 1 the diary of a fashion student: part 51 2 the diary of a fashion student: part 51 3 the diary of a fashion student: part 51 4 the diary of a fashion student: part 51 5 the diary of a fashion student: part 51 81 the diary of a fashion student: part 51 7 the diary of a fashion student: part 51 9 the diary of a fashion student: part 51 10 the diary of a fashion student: part 51 6 the diary of a fashion student: part 5

A little insight into what goes into pattern cutting and toiling a design. This project has taken a lot longer than I had anticipated; I must have been feeling optimistic when I was planning my time. 8 days until the deadline, the pressure is on! Never has the saying ‘ so much to do so little time’ been more appropriate! Why oh why do I leave everything until the very last minute.

the diary of a fashion student: part 4

Monday, September 6th, 2010

With just 3 weeks until the crit for my Summer projects, I am currently one very busy girl. Alongside finishing the work, I am trying to prepare the best I can for my final year which I am sure is going to be insanely stressful. Each design brief we are given involves illustrating a collection, and it is this part that is my weakness. My first step to improving this has been putting together a file of fashion poses from magazine tears so that I have a starting point. I also thought not only would this be a good tip for fashion students like myself, but also for bloggers who want to try out new poses for their outfit shots?!

P1010534 the diary of a fashion student: part 4

P1010536 the diary of a fashion student: part 4

P1010535 the diary of a fashion student: part 4

I’ll be spending the rest of the day locked up in my room frantically trying to get my Anthropologie sketchbook finished, amongst reading through the new updates on my Google Reader. Expect to see lots of knitting, crochet, embroidery and print ideas on the blog this week…!

P1010537 the diary of a fashion student: part 4

the diary of a fashion student: part 3

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Today was the last day of my work placement at a Manchester based knitwear company. I have spent the past 13 months working there, assisting the Menswear designers and sales executives. I can’t recommend enough carrying out a work placement as part of your degree, the experience within the industry is invaluable and you get a great insight into how everything you’re taught at University slots into place in the working world. You are faced with real deadlines that can cost the company so the pressure really is on! I’ve loved being involved with real design tasks and being able to interact with people in the Far East and at other fashion companies. If anyone reading this is wondering where to do a design work placement, a great place is a supplier as you are able to work on projects at different levels from the supermarket brands to high street.

topshop necklace 1024x768 the diary of a fashion student: part 3

Although I’m looking forward to get back to University and start my final collection, I will miss being apart of a great team and working on styles that could be retailing in a years time. When I won my Marks and Spencer’s design competition, it was so exciting to think my design could be manufactured and sold in UK stores. On my placement, I had that excitement everyday!

My fabulous colleagues treated me to a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and lots of lovely cards, and the student who will take over my job for the following year spoilt me with this very appropriate Topshop necklace with a sewing machine, scissors and iron charms! Something tells me I’ll be seeing those a lot next year ..! She has been so lovely and although we’ve only known each other for three weeks I will miss her as much as the rest of the menswear department.

Happy Friday Guys!

P.S Big thanks to everyone who has left comments recently, I really appreciate them all!

flowers jo y jo the diary of a fashion student: part 3

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