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today i’m wearing: snapshots of autumn

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

1p today im wearing: snapshots of autumn2p today im wearing: snapshots of autumn3p today im wearing: snapshots of autumn
4p1 today im wearing: snapshots of autumn

Whilst most style bloggers and writers have been non-stop tweeting and posting about LFW, I have spent the past few days locked in my parent’s dining room which now resembles a small factory with sewing machine, pins, mannequin and ever-increasing stress levels. Pattern cutting and sewing are, for me, the worst part of studying fashion design! If you have been following my student diary feature you’ll know all about the projects I need to complete before I even start the new term – what lovely lecturers I have but I suppose it will be for my own good… Hours of intense sewing calls for comfy clothing that you wouldn’t be seen dead wearing outside / on your supposedly stylish blog, so it was nice to have a break today and wear this little ensemble – Primark lace dress, freebie cardi from my interning ( I just love the yarn fringing!), gift heart locket and urban outfitters shoes.

Happy Saturday boys and girls!

today I’m wearing: Autumnal dressing

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Copy of outfit1 today Im wearing: Autumnal dressing

Copy of outfit22 today Im wearing: Autumnal dressing

Copy of outfit6 today Im wearing: Autumnal dressing

Copy of outfit3 today Im wearing: Autumnal dressing

Copy of outfit4 today Im wearing: Autumnal dressing

Copy of outfit5 today Im wearing: Autumnal dressing

Another cold and rainy day here in the north of England which meant another opportunity to embrace cable knits! Now that I’ve moved back home for a while I have the help of my younger sister to take my outfit photos, she’s about to start a photography degree which will come in very handy when I have to shoot my final collection… (thanks Jess!).

Today’s outfit is made up of charity shop floral blouse, Topshop jeans, Schuh boots, Primark necklace and a freebie cardie from my work placement.

lazy sunday dressing down

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

denim poloroid 858x1024 lazy sunday dressing down

The idea of wearing your best clothes on a Sunday just doesn’t appeal to me. I feel lucky that I am able to wear pretty much whatever-the-hell I want to everyday without the restrictions of a uniform or dress code, so by the time Sunday comes around I quite like to wear my most comfortable lounging around clothes. My Sundays are typically spent having a sneaky lie in, lunch with my boyfriend, a walk around town and a couple of hours searching for new blogs, catching up on my favourite blogs and researching new ideas for future posts.

What is your Sunday style? Casual and relaxed or do you like to indulge in wearing your most treasured items? Maybe you can change my mind and I’ll make Sunday my dress up day!

it’s the details that count

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

The plan for today is Pack & Clean! I’m moving from my lovely Manchester flat tomorrow (sob) back home to Wigan for a few weeks before I head up to Huddersfield when the new term starts. I am so disorganised when it comes to moving and there is literally stuff everywhere in my flat which means a full outfit post is a no-go unless you want to see mounds of rubbish for the back drop! I have opted for a few sneaky snap shots of my look for today; definitely going for practical with jeans, a vest and a statement cardie.

outfit2 858x1024 its the details that count

outfit3 858x1024 its the details that count

outfit1 858x1024 its the details that count

outfit4 858x1024 its the details that count

fabulous friday finds

Friday, August 6th, 2010

necklace fabulous friday finds

A bargainous Friday afternoon purchase, just £1.50 each from Primark. I love the little poodle and Eiffel Tower! I really like wearing tonnes of delicate necklaces all at the same time, the downside is that they usually get tangled up!

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday night whatever you’re up to! I’m taking the boy out for a slap up birthday meal, only dilemma now is what to wear…

lace and the forties

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Copy of OUTFIT 2 lace and the forties

Shoes – New Look

Trousers – Topshop

Body – TU at Sainsburys

Lace Top – Primark

Gold Heart Necklace – a gift

My first outfit post! I’ve been writing this blog for a few months¬† and up until now I haven’t had the confidence to do outfit posts. Im not particularly photogenic, infact I don’t even like having my photograph taken! I do however love putting my outfits together and decided to just go for it. What’s the worst that can happen…

This is what I wore yesterday for a day at the office. The trousers were a splurge on my Wednesday lunch hour (ooops) but I justified them by the fact that the turn ups can be turned down for winter and worn with my new black lace up boots… anyways, if you fancy a pair for yourself, they can be found here. My boyfriend’s reaction was that they make me look like I’m from the forties, which is funny because he was trying to tease me when infact I would quite actually have liked to live in that era!

This afternoon I nipped across to Manchester’s Abakhan store (I will seriously miss living 5 minutes away from this place when I move away from Manchester in August…) to pick up some bits for the current design project I’m working on. It’s a summer project set by my University to design an AW11/12 collection for Anthropolgie.

I was lucky enough to be able to sit in on a colour meeting this week on my placement so was able to see the colour predictions for the AW11/12 season! I’m planning on going cross stitch mad with this project, along with overdosing on fairisle and cable knitting. Here are the threads I picked up in shades of berry, dusky pink, creams and ochre.

Copy of P10103171 lace and the forties

Tonight I am off to watch the new film Inception, very excited as it looks great!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever you’re up to x

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