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the diary of a fashion student: part 1

Come September I’ll be back to University to complete the final year of my fashion design degree. I’ve been on a years placement for the past 12 months and have been feeling more than a little aprehensive about returning to Uni as the work load that final year students face has always seemed so daunting! I’ve decided that to help survive the year I will keep a diary of how the year is going, from the highs to the no doubt very lows…

I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I have an abundance of Summer projects to complete before I return to Huddersfield, so I guess the diary should begin with these. I’ve almost completed my sketchbook for the design project on Anthropologie. Well, my images are all stuck down. Which is a start. I just need to make a start on the million and one textile samples I have planned for this project. After a year away from hard core sketchbooking, I have probably too many ideas for samples! Maybe I should hold back and use them throughout the year as I will no doubt run out of thoughts by October. I’m hooked on knitting and crochet at the moment, so am glad that the season I’m designing for is AW11/12!

P1010307 the diary of a fashion student: part 1

P1010309 the diary of a fashion student: part 1

Are any of you returning to University this September after a year away from studying?

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