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when fashion gets technical

flats 1 when fashion gets technical

A huge part of studying fashion design involves learning to produce working drawings. These are technically accurate designs of garments, usually done using a CAD package such as Adobe Illustrator. One of my Summer projects set by my lecturers is to technically draw a complete collection by a final year student from the previous year. My initial thoughts on this were that it seemed pointless to draw somebody else’s designs when we are supposed to be studying design. However! Now that I’m making progress with this project, it really has challenged me with parts of the designs that were hard to draw, which I may have just adapted if it had been my own design.

The next challenge is to toile the above design which will involves creating a pattern and fitting it to the standard size 12. All before September 27th – panic mode starting to kick in! I’m sure this will bring even more challenges to overcome as I’m not the most confident sewer…

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3 Responses to “when fashion gets technical”

  1. crazypig says:

    Awesome designs! Good luck for the toiling and fitting ;)

  2. anabel says:

    Love them! It is sometimes a bit hard to work with Ai but once you get it, it is a breeze. The best of lucks!!!

  3. This brought back memories of the times back when I was a fashion student. But difference is, we weren’t taught to produce technical drawing via AI. I used to hand-draw them back then, but I managed to create these using AI now :)

    I wish my classes were a lil bit more intensive like yours :)


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