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say hello to: carlos quitério

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

introduction banner 300x60 say hello to: carlos quitério

Today’s say hello to is Carlos Quitério, a 30 year old artist living in the west coast of Portugal in Caldas da Rainha, a small and quaint city founded around 1500, about 50 miles north of Lisbon.

kodap12 221x300 say hello to: carlos quitério

Carlos has been working as a freelancer illustrator and fine-artist since 1999, also doing sporadic design work (websites, posters, print stuff), firstly with the need to finance his fine-art degree, and now to “pay the bills”. Carlos has been  working since then with editorials, brands, privates and institutions, inclunding the NYTimes, Flaunt Magazine, Museum of Contemporary Arts LA, CCCB Barcelona, Nike, Camel, Levi’s, RedBull, etc… and currently mostly for some major editorials and newspapers in Portugal.
I was thrilled when Carlos agreed to kindly answer the usual style on the run interview questions; I find his work so cool. It has such an effortless feel and looks very contemporary, regardless of the vintage imagery.

interview banner1 300x60 say hello to: carlos quitério

Please describe your work in 5 words.
over-populated with lines and shapes (ok, 6 words… sorry).

kodap1 say hello to: carlos quitério

What are your favourite materials to use?
Any tool suited and made to write and paint, digital or analogic, plus scissors, tape and physical ephemera to re-assemble (mostly old magazines bought in flea-markets).
I try to make the most of any I have available. Right now, I’m loving my “Copic” markers.

kodap11 say hello to: carlos quitério

What advice do you have for somebody staring at a blank page?
Never fear to harm a blank page or canvas, experimentation and drafts are part of the process, go ahead and attack that blank!

kodap9 say hello to: carlos quitério

Best resource you use?
Internet to publish, promote and communicate with the world…

kodap5 say hello to: carlos quitério

Biggest achievement so far?
To Raise my 5 year old son.

kodap3 say hello to: carlos quitério

What do you hope the future holds for you in terms of your art?
Well, I don’t have a clue, I just keep working the best I can one day at a time, exciting and rewarding things will eventually come up.

kodap2 say hello to: carlos quitério

What inspires you creatively?

I love to be involved with challenging projects mostly with close creative friends, I have also a great passion for vintage stuff, but overall, anything audio-visual captures my senses.

Where can somebody find out more about your work?
Here: kodap.com, smalldrawings.com and here: behance.net/kodap also my flickr – sorry about this amount of links..

Would you like to take this opportunity to plug anything?!
Looking for  exhititions abroad and projects so I travel more and meet cool people… anyone reading this and in need of someone like me for projects? (hehehe)

Thank YOU!

say hello to: jessica sherriff

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

introduction banner1 300x60 say hello to: jessica sherriff

Jessica Sherriff is an 18 year old  photography student  from Wigan, Manchester England and also my talented sister! Please read an interview with her below to find out more of her story.

20380 1378853434075 1314082999 1075834 2599084 n1 300x266 say hello to: jessica sherriff

 interview banner1 300x60 say hello to: jessica sherriff

How did you get to the stage you are at now?

I’m currently studying a national diploma at Wigan and Leigh college in photography. I started my photography interest just by taking snap shots of me and my friends, when we went out and about. I took my little compact camera to school (i went against the rules!) everyday snapping the funny moments. Id say it was about 4 year ago when i realised that i wanted to become a photographer. When applying for college i was a bit unsure what course to apply for as a part of me wanted to do fashion, but as i walked into the photography studio for my interview i instantly felt at home.

4382303791 057d655fc7 b 206x300 say hello to: jessica sherriff

JESSICA2 190x300 say hello to: jessica sherriff

Biggest Achievement so far?

I’d say my biggest achievement so far is getting a place at Blackpool University. Ive always taken my education serious and appreciated it, yes this does make me sound like a geek! I’m always willing to work and start new projects and take on new challenges. Attending university is a new exciting challenge that I cant wait for.

Outside of my studies, my biggest achievement is winning the ‘peoples choice’ award at the Wigan Photographic Exhibition. It felt great winning this as it is voted for by the public.

grouplomo for site 300x109 say hello to: jessica sherriff

Jessica also does band promotional photography

finalll b 192x300 say hello to: jessica sherriff

People Choice - winning image

Favourite camera / equipment?

Ive recently discovery the world of Lomography! (Google it, if you don’t know what it is…) Since then I have got a Cosmic Symbol Lomo and a Lubitel 2! They were both bargains that should of cost hundreds. I like buying cheap expired film and taking pictures of anything different and weird!

DSC 0023 199x300 say hello to: jessica sherriff

Advice for somebody thinking of taking up photography?

Just to be yourself and never let anyone else’s opinions bother you! As long as you can say why you took the image and why YOU like it, then that’s all that matters!  It is great to get a film camera first, as you will learn a lot about settings and techniques. It is also so exciting waiting for the film to be developed! Try and find a local photography club, you will be able to get advice from people with more experience and feedback on your work.

JESSICA4 300x199 say hello to: jessica sherriff

the effect with the lomo camera


To achieve a successful degree and then continue to develop my own style within the field.

ve 4 300x199 say hello to: jessica sherriff

Best resource?

http://www.flickr.com/ - there are so many amazing images from all round the world from so many different types of people!

Shutter Nutters is an online photographers community where you can get advice, show your work and get to know people who also share your love of photographs!

JESSICA1 300x238 say hello to: jessica sherriff

Jessica working on a hair styling shoot

Favourite photographer?

Duane Michals, hes my favourite photographer as his images are so simple and gentle while looking bold and strong! He photographs the most extraordinary subjects!

fire 2 for site 300x282 say hello to: jessica sherriff

taking inspiration from her favourite photographer

Process of idea to developed photo?

 I hate to plan my subject; spontaneity is best! Such as a great expression which is accidentally captured. Although, I need to be inspired before hand with a new technique for example. I love creating sketchbooks and journals of my ideas and research into other photographers.

DSC 0004 300x154 say hello to: jessica sherriff

take a closer look into Jessica's sketchbooks

DSC 0018 300x199 say hello to: jessica sherriff

DSC 0007 300x199 say hello to: jessica sherriff

I never alter the images too much; I like them to be ‘real’. At a push I will brighten and alter the contrast. This is probably why I like to use film – it gives a more authentic result.

Where can someone find out more about you?
I hopefully will be creating my own photography website in the summer (fingers crossed) but here is my flickr photostream!

DSC 0020 300x199 say hello to: jessica sherriff


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