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a little something i made earlier

Monday, July 26th, 2010

GRACE SHERRIFF 1 a little something i made earlier

GRACE SHERRIFF a little something i made earlier

GRACE SHERRIFF 21 a little something i made earlier

I’ve been meaning to put these photos up for aaages of this little DIY I did a few weeks ago… I’ll be posting how to make this easy peasy lace crop top tomorrow!

fabric storage idea

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Before I tell you about my ingenious fabric storage idea, I hope you like my new blog banner and colour scheme change! I just felt the previous theme was a little too crafty (sorry, never thought I’d ever think anything could be too crafty…) and didn’t give a huge fashion feel. I like to think that the new styling of the blog is more in the middle of both fashion and craft which is how I would like the future of the blog to be. Up until now, I have felt obliged to write about crafts and textiles as that was  the impression the sites appearance seemed to give. However! I am wanting to focus a little more of the fashion part of my life; afterall I am studying for a degree in fashion design and currently work as a design assistant! Hopefully it will be a success and you will enjoy reading and seeing what I have to say on all things fashion.

I am a complete hoarder. This is much to my boyfriend’s despair as slowly, but surely, he is losing his half of the our one bedroom flat to my ever expanding wardrobe and craft/sewing collection. Our utility cupboard which should just be home to our washing machine, mop, etc, etc, is jam packed with carrier bags over flowing with remnants of fabrics from past projects and fabrics bought for rainy days which just seem to sit there for months on end. Enough was enough and something had to change. Needless to say I haven’t thrown anything out as well, you just never know do you! Instead, I bought these rather nifty bags from Poundland for just (I think you could guess this in 3) £1.00! They’re huge, good quality and have a zip so goodbye to spilling fabrics! My boyfriend’s reaction was ‘why have you bought old lady bags?’ but I think once he sees the order that now exists in our cupboard, he’ll change his mind.

P1010222 fabric storage idea

fabric mess (my favourite kind of mess...)

P1010226 fabric storage idea

Voila! Neat and organised.

graduate fashion week 2010

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Hello! This Thursday myself and my friend Melissa went down to London to take a look at this year’s Graduate Fashion Week. We were both exhausted after catching the train at 6.11 am…! The morning ran much more smoothly than last year’s event when the entire London underground was on strike – eek! It took about 5 hours to get across from Euston to Earls Court (not so fun).

P1010091 graduate fashion week 2010

Graduate Fashion Week 2010

After being set uni summer projects before we start back for our final year at the University of Huddersfield in September, we were both after some much needed inspiration to get us back into design projects. Here are the photos I took of the best work I saw at GFW, sorry for not being able to include the student’s name and University – it was a little hectic down there! (please get in touch if you do know so I can rightly credit the photos with the designers name!)

We spent the afternoon shopping on Regents Street and Oxford Street before meeting up with our friend Joanne for tea and drinks. We are doing our design project on the gorgeous store Anthropolgie so it was great to finally get down to London to see the store for ourselves. Unfortunately we didn’t see much to buy in London but I did get a long black jersey maxi skirt (I’ve become a little obsessed with anything maxi …) and Melissa got a great pair of wedges from Primark with lace up detailing.

P1010072 graduate fashion week 2010

P1010092 graduate fashion week 2010

P1010074 graduate fashion week 2010

P1010083 graduate fashion week 2010

P1010089 graduate fashion week 2010

P1010092 graduate fashion week 2010

P10100751 graduate fashion week 2010

P10100771 graduate fashion week 2010

P1010086 graduate fashion week 2010

P1010087 graduate fashion week 2010

P1010088 graduate fashion week 2010

P1010094 graduate fashion week 2010

P1010100 graduate fashion week 2010

P1010104 graduate fashion week 2010

P1010101 graduate fashion week 2010

P1010102 graduate fashion week 2010

P1010097 graduate fashion week 2010

P1010082 graduate fashion week 2010

P1010122 graduate fashion week 2010

P1010123 graduate fashion week 2010

having a well earned drink after a long afternoon of shopping on Oxford Street with my old friend Joanne who is on placement at Karen Millen in London

how to: handmade wedding card

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Hello everyone, hope you are all well? Sorry for my lack of posts last week, it was pretty hectic for me with work. I have been away this weekend in Scotland for my brother’s wedding! I decided to make a wedding card as they are so much more personal, especially for a special occasion such as this.

I bought the white square card and envelope from Paperchase, and all the other parts I already had in my box of random crafty bits! I used my trusty alphabet stamps (I don’t think I will ever tire of these..!), some antique-look lace, vintage pearl beads and white sequins. I used U-HU glue to attach all the parts. This style is so easy to make, yet the simple design is effective – why not try making a handmade card for your next special occasion!

STYLE ON THE RUN WEDDING CARD 3 300x225 how to: handmade wedding cardSTYLE ON THE RUN WEDDING CARD 2 300x225 how to: handmade wedding cardSTYLE ON THE RUN WEDDING CARD 1 300x225 how to: handmade wedding cardSTYLE ON THE RUN WEDDING CARD 300x225 how to: handmade wedding card