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how to: handmade wedding card

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Hello everyone, hope you are all well? Sorry for my lack of posts last week, it was pretty hectic for me with work. I have been away this weekend in Scotland for my brother’s wedding! I decided to make a wedding card as they are so much more personal, especially for a special occasion such as this.

I bought the white square card and envelope from Paperchase, and all the other parts I already had in my box of random crafty bits! I used my trusty alphabet stamps (I don’t think I will ever tire of these..!), some antique-look lace, vintage pearl beads and white sequins. I used U-HU glue to attach all the parts. This style is so easy to make, yet the simple design is effective – why not try making a handmade card for your next special occasion!

STYLE ON THE RUN WEDDING CARD 3 300x225 how to: handmade wedding cardSTYLE ON THE RUN WEDDING CARD 2 300x225 how to: handmade wedding cardSTYLE ON THE RUN WEDDING CARD 1 300x225 how to: handmade wedding cardSTYLE ON THE RUN WEDDING CARD 300x225 how to: handmade wedding card

be inspired: daily photo

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Here is a little something I came across on a walk around Manchester last week. Something about old bicycles really inspires me, I think it’s the mix of childhood memories and that it’s environmentally friendly! I hope you like the photo. I altered the colours using Adobe Photoshop to create the 70’s feel.

This is so easy to do; I simply duplicate the image so that there are two layers with the same image, change the underneath layer to black and white and alter the brightness and contrast to get a really stark image. The second layer I adjust to about 30% transparancy, play about with the colour levels and add a warm photo filter.

bicycle 1024x768 be inspired: daily photo

say hello to: sarah wade

Monday, May 17th, 2010

sarahwade2 say hello to: sarah wade

This weeks Style on The Run interview feature is with the lovely Sarah Wade. I love Sarah’s colourful patterns and illustrations and am sure you will too – please read on to find out more about this great artist.

interview banner 300x60 say hello to: sarah wade

1. Name, Location…
Sarah Wade, Ipswich, UK.

2. Please give a brief bio of your creative journey so far …?
From 2001-2004 I studied Graphic Design at Northampton University (specialising in Illustration). After graduating I went on to work for a stationery company in Milton Keynes, here I worked alongside some lovely people and learnt about the technical side of design.

After a year I moved to Suffolk to work for a company within the greetings sector. This employment involved designing gift-wrap and bags for UK suppliers.

sarahwade3 300x187 say hello to: sarah wade

In 2006 I spent 4 months in Venice (Italy) painting ceramics for a small company based in the centre of  the city. It was a beautiful experience, and I learnt some really useful hand finishing techniques such as Gold Leafing, Crackle Glaze, Decoupage and Antiquing. In 2007 I decided to go freelance, and I now work from my home in Ipswich producing designs for children’s book, jewelry, gift-wrap, textiles, stationery, magazines and packaging.

3. Describe your work in 5 words…
Colourful, Graphic, Quirky, Bold, Organic.

sarahwade1 say hello to: sarah wade

4. Where does your inspiration come from for the lovely prints you design?
In the past I have been inspired by a really random mixture of things: Doilies, Hornsea Crockery, Russian Dolls, Retro album covers, 60/70’s, Vintage Wallpaper, Film Title Sequences (‘Catch Me If You Can’ has a great one), Tim Burton, Music Videos (Love: Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out). Textiles – especially Marimekko. Designers and Illustrators: Sarah Fanelli, Mary Blair, Tove Jansson, Lydia Monks, Julia Rothman, Sanna Annuka, Rob Ryan, Tord Boontje.
At the moment I am working on a collection called Folklore which is inspired by Scandinavian Folk Art.

sarahwade5 say hello to: sarah wade

5. What is your best resource?
http://kuler.adobe.com/ Great for online colour palettes.

6. Sarah, please tell us more about your fantastic work within Topshop stores!?
In June 2009 I had the opportunity to travel to Kuwait and Dubai with Topshop stores. Here I implemented a mural “Tropical Flamingo” which was 2×3 meters and embellished with gold leaf, sequins and buttons. Once the mural was complete I was involved in a press shoot where a number of local and regional newspapers and magazines attended. This was an experience in itself!  After a few days in Kuwait shopping and seeing the sights I caught a flight to Dubai where I did the same again. The whole experience was great! I got to meet some lovely people, visit a part of the world I have never been to before and see my work in Topshop Stores!

sarahwade6 say hello to: sarah wade

sarahwade8 say hello to: sarah wade

7. Do you have any tips for anybody thinking about starting their own business?
Be organised from the start with paperwork (it makes things so much easier in the long run)

Attend free workshops on business start-up through Business-Link, and the Tax Office about keeping your accounts organised.

Be prepared to put the hours in. During my first year I was working 50+ hours a week.
Taylor your portfolio for each client meeting…. and don’t include anything you are not sure of.

sarahwade10 say hello to: sarah wade

8. Top blogs of the moment?
http://www.printpattern.blogspot.com/ (of course!)

9. FINALLY, would you like to take this opportunity to plug anything?! :)
I am currently in the process of setting up a number of online shops  – Keep checking my blog for updates!

sarahwade4 say hello to: sarah wade

bunting crazy

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Today I had a go at making my own bunting as part of the SOTR accessories range. I used a mix of various scrap fabrics, vintage buttons and cotton bias binding, and a few hours later, ta-da! my first bunting!

Copy of P1000626 copy bunting crazy

P1000605 300x225 bunting crazy

pinning the template to various fabrics

P1000606 300x225 bunting crazy

all pressed and ready to sew

P1000607 300x225 bunting crazy

stitching the pieces in place

P1000608 300x225 bunting crazy

P1000609 300x225 bunting crazy

a peak inside my sewing box

P1000611 300x225 bunting crazy

a vintage button helps to hold the loop for hanging

P1000613 300x225 bunting crazy

topstitching and fraying


Friday, April 30th, 2010

For those of you who receive my email newsletter, you will know I have been thinking about starting up a small bag business… After my afternoon at the MFN vintage threads workshop where I made a textile bag, I started to think about how I could perhaps make a little extra money selling them. After approaching numerous local independant shops I have finally had a positive response and am in the process of making a few prototypes for them this week. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan! I have 5 days off from my design work placement so will be frantically sewing and crafting to get everything finished to send off to the shop! I am really looking forward to branding the products with labels and swing tickets … as a consumer I love these little details. At the moment I am going to use the style on the run name and label the products with SOTR accessories.

Here are a few photographs of the early stages of a make up bag…






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