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say hello to: lloyd evans

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

say hello to banner1 say hello to: lloyd evans

This week Style On The Run caught up with a very talented surface pattern designer, Lloyd Evans. Lloyd manages to achieve the rare balance between edgy and whimsical in his designs whilst always being current and relevant. Together with Sarah Wade who has previously been featured here at SOTR, Lloyd runs their company Design House Studios and works as an artist and illustrator. Both Lloyd and Sarah are very talented and are genuinely lovely people, read on to find out more!

lloydevanspic say hello to: lloyd evans

1.Name, Age (only if you want to give this away…!), Location.
Lloyd Evans, 28, Ipswich

2. Please give a brief bio of your creative journey so far …? (biggest achievements, education, etc)

I graduated from Northampton University in 2004 with a degree in Fine Art. During this period my work began to focus on patterns and rhythms, something that is still evident in my work today. After graduating I went on to practice as an artist, working from Stowmarket Artist Studios in Suffolk. I exhibited throughout the UK both in joint and solo exhibitions. Alongside working as an artist, I have also worked in other fields such as graphic design, interior design and surface pattern. In May 2006 I seized the opportunity to take up an artist residency in Venice, Italy. This experience provided me with new technical knowledge as well as giving me a wealth of inspiration. I was also able to travel throughout Italy and study many works in cities such as Florence, Rome and Naples. During this time I rediscovered my love of drawing, which is still evident in my current surface pattern work; this combines hand-drawn icons with digital media. Since my return to the UK I have been focusing on producing surface patterns for home furnishing, wallpaper, fashion and other applications.

lloyd evans say hello to: lloyd evans

3. Describe your work in 5 words…
Hand-drawn, Fun, Eclectic, Vibrant, Current.

4. Where does your inspiration come from for the great prints you design?
The inspiration for my work largely comes from everyday life. If ever I’m stuck I just pick up a pen and sketchbook, look around and start drawing. I believe that everything can be inspiring, from magazines, architecture and fashion, to nature, film and art. Artists that I admire include Gary Hume, Ian Davenport, Fiona Rae, Nigel Cook, Peter Doig, Sam Francis and David Hockney.

lloyd evans4 say hello to: lloyd evans

5. Please describe a typical day for you?
The life of a self-employed illustrator is vary varied, meaning that there is hardly a typical day. Assuming I’m creating some new designs my day usually begins by brainstorming some ideas over a cup of tea. I usually work on a couple of designs at once, to begin with I’ll think about what icons would be suitable for the themes I’m working on. Then I will do some quick thumbnail sketches to figure out how the designs might work, and what icons I’ll need. Next I will have another cup of tea and spend the morning drawing up these icons, which will then be scanned, so that I can then go on to work on them in Illustrator and Photoshop. Often I will be working late into the evening, this is something you have to be prepared to do if you are self-employed, but if you love what you do then this is never a problem, frequent tea breaks also help. It’s no wonder that some of my latest designs have been teacups and teapots!

lloyd evans1 say hello to: lloyd evans

6. Do you have any tips for anybody thinking about starting their own business in the creative industry?
Learn from others! Before setting up on your own I would advise people to get some experience working in a design studio. Try and get involved in as many aspects of the job as possible, when you set up on your own you are not only a designer but an art-worker, sales rep, administrator and even an accountant! Any opportunity you have to develop your skills in areas you are unfamiliar with should be taken.

I would also take advantage of any free courses that are run by Business Link or the Inland Revenue in your area, these short half-day courses will help you learn about such things as how to set up a company or paying your tax. They are also a good opportunity to network with other likeminded people who are setting up a business, you never know who might need a business card or a website designing.

lloyd evans3 say hello to: lloyd evans

7. Are you following any blogs at the moment that you recommend?
I have been reading printpattern for a long time, this is a great resource for looking at current trends in surface pattern design. More recently I have discovered urbansketchers which shows the sketchbook work of a number of invited artists, from architects, illustrators to web developers and painters. This blog is a real gem, drawing on location is a passion of mine and often artist’s sketchbooks remain as private documents, but here you can see what people from around the world are up to.

8. FINALLY, would you like to take this opportunity to plug anything?!
Me and my partner Sarah have just finishing updating our website, we have tweaked the look and layout of the site, as well as uploading some new designs that we have been developing over the past few weeks. You can find us at www.designhousestudios.co.uk.

lloyd evans2 say hello to: lloyd evans

Say hello to: Rachael Taylor

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Welcome to my first interview style post for Style On The Run!

Rachael Taylor is a 26 years old freelance surface pattern designer and textile artist who is currently living  in Leeds, England.

introduction banner 300x60 Say hello to: Rachael Taylor

Originally from the Wirral, Merseyside, Rachael graduated from the University of Leeds in 2005, with a BA (Hons) in Textile & Fashion Design. Her first job was as a print & design technician whilst also working as a part time freelancer in the textile industry. She then went on to progress with her textile & stitched screen printed pieces and held her first solo exhibition called ’stitched’ in 2006 at the Brahm Gallery Leeds.

rt1 300x225 Say hello to: Rachael Taylor

Later that year Rachael was awarded 1st prize in the Janome creative competiton for a layered paper skirt design.
Then specialising in surface pattern design, she developed her signature style of layering & textures. This signature style is present in both her screenprinted pieces & CAD work.

Wanting to obtain further experience & CAD knowledge Rachael applied for a job with one of the greetings market leaders, where she worked as a mac designer for two years specialising in surface pattern design. She then set up her own design studio in May 2008 (based in Leeds) where she now works as a freelance surface pattern designer & textile artist.

Rachael is currently working on her own label but also has a variety of clients in the UK, Europe & the USA from design studios to private buyers in the art, ceramics, interior, fashion, greetings & marketing industries including Paperchase, Tigerprint for Marks and Spencers and House of Fraser.

interview banner 300x60 Say hello to: Rachael Taylor

Please describe your work in 5 words.
Spontaneous, fun, quirky, energetic, bright.

What inspires you creatively?
I’m inspired by lots of other designers out there, I admire Orla Kielys success & I love Paperchase/ Urban Outfitters stores. I love any designer who takes risks & has a quirky edge to their work.  I love textures/ mundane things & run don buildings etc i get so many Ideas fromsomething that looks imperfect

rt3 300x238 Say hello to: Rachael Taylor

What are your favourite materials to use?
I like to doodle/draw with a mix of pens  pencils different thicknesses and to create textures with inks/ paints, basically anything I can get my hands on!

What advice do you have for somebody staring at a blank page?
To try & get inspired by putting on some great music, go on a walk & take a camera. Walk away for half an hour or so & let something just come to you naturally.

Best resource you use?
Print & Pattern & design sponge etc are great online resources. My camera, as everything around me influences me.

rt5 279x300 Say hello to: Rachael Taylor

combining hand drawn ideas with CAD to create striking graphics

Biggest achievement so far?
I’m just really pleased with the clients I have built up since setting up my business just two years ago. A recent partnership i’m proud of is Graham & Brown; I have designed some wall art for their range. I have been published in 3 great books this year & was awarded Twitter’s happiest user by The Telegraph in 2009!

rtinbook 300x225 Say hello to: Rachael Taylor

Spotted in Print and Pattern today - Waterstones 22/03/10

What do you hope the future holds for you in terms of your art?
I would love to develop & expand the ‘rachaeltaylordesigns‘ label further. This is a brand new thing for me so i’d love that to really go somewhere. To continue freelancing & receiving great commissions from great clients. I’d also love to expand more into homewares.

rt6 300x300 Say hello to: Rachael Taylor

Where can somebody find out more about your work?
My website & my blog & the books I mentioned.  I’m lucky enough to get regularly featured on the Print & Pattern Blog.

Finally …

Would you like to take this opportunity to plug anything?!

My own little label, I love working for companies but it’s really nice to have a line of your own to develop. My Brand new etsy shop & folksy shop & notonthehighstreet shop .

The books that Rachael has been published in are available below…

print and pattern 150x150 Say hello to: Rachael Taylor pattern design 150x150 Say hello to: Rachael Taylor

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